Waves for days!

Our last post was made as we were broke down in Guererro Negro with suspitions of our brand new alternator going kaput; that was indeed the case.  A little person with very curious fingers turned on the air conditioning dial (that we don’t use) a few millimeters which was making the radiator fan run constantly,  in-turn fighting the alternator that was trying to charge our three batteries.  We broke down in front of a mechanic that was able to to source a used alternator regulator and rebuild it.  We were back on the road in 24 hours.
Thru the mountains we meandered, finally meeting the beautiful Sea of Cortes.   Spending the night outside of San Bruno on the waters edge, we were awed at the sunrise illuminating the calm waters as day awoke. Moments like these are the ones we dreamed of…
Our drive down the coast… inlets and islands, sand and sun…
A few of the amazing structures on Playa El Donkey, where there really was a donkey tethered near the entrance.

The vultures keeping a watchful eye on the desert floor…
The desert met the sea, and it was good.
 Colette, captured underwater from our GoPro, even smiles underwater!
The pelicans would launch off the rocks, circle above, then dramatically dive-bomb around us into the warm water for lunch.
Happy feet!
We are loving our time together, and feel so grateful to all who helped us get this adventure underway!
En route to San Juanico, we discovered yet another washed out road.
We made it to the world famous Scorpion Bay!  Where on the right day, if all the conditions come together, you can ride a wave for a mile and a half.  This spot really shines in the summer when south swells are in season.  People come from all over the world and will camp out for weeks and months on end waiting for that perfect swell.  We considered passing it all together because access was way off our main route and it’s fall and south swells are rare at this time of year.  Glen Horn that we met at the Wall further north said “you never know what the ocean will give you”  so we ventured in for a visit.
The bay is perfect learning ground with smooth rolling waves and a sandy floor, so Adam paddled out with Colette.
Colette’s first wave ever!This is what stoke looks like!
Waves for Emily too.

Miraculously, a south swell built as our days passed easily, and on our 3rd day, Adam paddled out to 3rd point for an epic session with 4 guys in the line up.  Finally got to pull out the 5’10  fish that he made compliments of FoamEz

Emily has been cooking and logging her creations for 8+ years now.  Here is a peek at what we had for lunch one day.

Baja Boo-lee: as Colette says tabbouleh

1)   in medium saucepan, cook bring the below ingredients to a boil, then put on a lid and turn to medium heat until all water is absorbed, aprox 12 minutes. Let sit to cool
–       2 cups quinoa
–       3 cups purified water
–       1/3 cup raisins
–       1 tbs evoo
–       1 tsp ras al hanout
–       ½ tsp each: cinnamon, turmeric and sea salt

*wash and soak the cabbage, parsley and green onions in purified water to de-baja them

2)   in a salad bowl mix and let marinate while the quinoa cooks.
–  1 cup finely shredded cabbage
–  1 bunch parsley, minced
–  juice of 2 key limes
–  2 tbs evoo
–  ¼ c toasted almond slivers
–  1 tsp pepper

3) mix cooled quinoa pilaf + marinated slaw= Baja Boo-lee!


Enjoy your 6 packs, nerds.
Earthquake, Emily and their 6 dogs are all vegans and moved here full time from Humbodlt, Calif.
On our way of of town, we discovered a beached whale.
Back inland as we head further south.