No Van, New Plan // Chile


Vanlife has us spoiled: when we want to go, we go, when we see something nice, we stop and see it, if we meet someone who tells us some new bit of information, we are free to follow… Read More

Into Patagonia // Argentina & Chile


We disembarked the Buquebus ferryboat from Montevideo, Uruguay into the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Pizzerias, bakeries and gelaterias on every block, the confident city step of local portenos,  museums in art deco buildings filled with European inspired… Read More

A Slice of Nice // Uruguay


Uruguay, to the south of Brazil and northeast of Argentina, is a small country with some big powerful neighbors.  Like Switzerland in Europe, they have chosen strategically how to remain independent and have some of the freest political… Read More

Visiting the Tribe // Los Angeles, Calif.


In the middle of August we moved out of the little beach house, packed up all our gear, parked our van at a friends place in Florianopolis, Brazil and headed to the airport for the long journey back… Read More

Terra Incognita Online Art Exhibition


October 10, 2014 was the opening of Adam’s art show “Terra Incognita” at Slow Culture Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.  Inspired by the past 2 years on the road with our family exploring Mexico, Central and South America,… Read More

Our American Dream // Argentina into Brazil


When we departed in October 2012, we felt part of our journey was a personal reexamination of “the American Dream.” A little white picket fence appeared in the grass along the Atlantic Ocean, it called to us in… Read More

Nomadism: a way of life // Chile into Argentina


Departing the mechanic in Temuco, Chile the engine was purring like it should, given the time, energy and money we have poured into it. Not far up the road we stopped at the Saltos de Petrohue.  Having just… Read More

Tres motores broke down blues // Chile


In the last chapter of our tale of engine troubles, we pulled our Subaru 2.2 engine out of our VW Westfalia.  In most other countries, besides Chile, Subaru’s are rare to non-existent.  Behind the USA, Chile has the… Read More

In the Spirit of Adventure // Peru into Chile


. Cusco and the Sacred Valley had us in her mystical clutch for nearly 6 weeks. In that time we held a 24 Hour Bazaar, shipped it all out, spent days diagnosing and sorting a mysterious electrical issue… Read More

Back on the Open Road // Peru


Oh, hi there!  We know it’s been quite some time… No, we didn’t forget about you.  Yes- we promise we really didn’t forget about you!  There has been just quite so much to do- but we are back,… Read More