Guest chef night at Pizzanista!

Saturday night was our guest chef night at Pizzanista!  We had a great night, with family, friends both new and old and some really great PIZZA.

Emily will be working on a cookbook while we are on the road (after 8 years of logging her food creations, the time has come to organizzize it), and she put her culinary talents to good use for the evenings affair.  She decided on 2 specials to represent the journey: the first, a last of the season fig pizza for our nearest point, home; and  our furthest, Argentina inspired a chimmichuri based pie with gaucho grilled skirt steak.

Below, Emily prepares the figs for jam, with helper Colette at her hip, who was so thrilled to help push the buttons on the cuisinart and drop the figs in the top feed.

Round 2 of kitchen prep: making 3 gallons of chimmichuri, a divine parsley based pesto!

Inside Pizzanista! where the best pizza in LA is born.

The pizza was delish! Homemade fig jam, with manchego cheese, arugula and fresh figs.

Sal & Gus on the grill

Chimmichuri pie was paired with zucchini, sauteed mushrooms, kalamata olives and grilled skirt steak.

Jiro & Phoenix

CocoNova munchkin face.

Adam held it down in the booth selling raffle tickets for all the swag our awesome sponsors sent!

SWAG- a big thanks to GoWesty, Comune, Foam EZ, Poler, Shreddy Cruiser, and GromzLA!

Price and Emily getting down on the raffle!


Dan the man, checking out his new Poler bag.

We wrapped the evening off with a few next door at Tony’s…