Further down the road

Well let’s start this one off with, we are broke down.  We expected to have troubles at some point but didn’t think it would be so soon…  We couldn’t have had it happen in a better place, right in front of a mechanic, with a great little restaraunt right next door with strong margaritas and wifi (hence this post)!  It is Sunday  now, we will camp right here tonight and figure things out in the morning when they open.  I’m pretty sure our brand new alternator we installed right before we left has bitten the dust since all 3 of our batteries are drained.  We will see in the morning when the shop opens up.
Before our current situation we have had a most excellent 2nd leg to to our trip.  I took the fam to some spots I have been in the past in Baja Norte and have explored new places further South I have yet to see.

We headed south to Puntas Cabras where we met artist and craftsman Larry and Wanda.  They enjoy a simple life away from the rat race, on the ocean where they have built a home.  With no building codes they did it their way and have been doing it for the past 27 years.

The full moon lit our beachfront basecamp at this remote locale.

Punta San Jacinto aptly named “Shipwrecks” was a favorite avian roost.
We watched the local fishermen push out for a day at sea.   They would gather chitons to use as bait in the lobster traps.  “Pulpo” or octopus was also caught for ceviche.
Valle de los Cirios shocked us with its bounty of dynamic cactus, contrasted by the smooth shapes of boulders and the hot desert sun.

  We explored an abandoned geodesic dome; the geometric shapes formed playful views both inside and out.

Emily posting up some Pizzanista stickers at a little taco stand.
We set up our first multi-day basecamp at Punta Rosarito (not to be confused with her northern party neighbor)…
My new board I made for the trip.  8’2 x 21 1/2 x 2 5/8 Build your own board at FoamEz

“Bad roads bring good people, good roads bring all kinds of people” -Glen Horn
Glen and his wife Roberta live the simple life calling central Baja their home for a good part of the year.  Moving with the seasons and the changing swell directions they live off the grid and close to nature.  You can learn more about them by watching the surf flick “Stoked and broke”  
” Dolphin skull and vertebrate.  Life and death on the Baja Peninsula

a stone arch
Emily makes pasilla and zucchini quesadillas in our small yet functional kitchen.  We have a two burner stove, a sink under the cutting board and a fridge.
Jason, Daniel, and Jonathan from Sweden and Canada have been traveling in this RV for 5 months through through Baja.

 Time slows down in a place like this leaving hours on end to get creative.
Reading on the road is hard work.
Emily shopping for locale produce.  Comida/food=simple life.
Brain tacos anyone??
not brain tacos.

Almost Chevron!
Got this handy siphon hose from GoWesty!