Wheels to pavement

Alas, the journey of our lives begins! With SO many pre-departure projects to finish (more on those soon) leaving just 1 week after our planned departure date feels like quite an accomplishment.

An early rise in L.A. and we headed south to cross the border and deal with all the annoyances of 1) getting our FMM visitor permits and 2) get the temporary import permit for our beloved Westy.  As a rule, border crossing always takes more time than planned, and this was no exception, as we could only get the import permit from the Otay border 10 miles east of where we had entered Mexico, so we took a wild goose chase tour of Tijuana locating the building.
Finally sorted, we enjoyed our first night in Baja on a beautiful bluff at K58 campground.
Beachfront camp site, sunset surf sesh, toddler wind sprints in wet sand, seashell investigation, ocean gazing, mellow and peaceful, early to bed.

 Rise & shine baja blue morning.  Colette dreams of flying like a bird.
 A ramble up the road and into the hills to Valle de Guadalupe for an afternoon tour of the Baja wine country.
We liked the tinto del Rancho Mogorcito.  These arid rolling hills could have easily been in Napa or Sonoma.  What a pleasant surprise.
Back to the beach to set up camp and evening yoga.
Our camp in San Miguel.  First use of the awesome awning from GoWesty was great!
Solitary times in the water = getting any wave you want.  Adam was the only one out!  A guy could get used to this.