40° South


Date: October, 2015 Location: just outside of Pucatrihue, Chile We stopped for the night as it was getting dark early, this latitude just below 40 degrees south has not quite woken from the long winter slumber, even in… Read More

Dreamers Caravan // Argentina & Chile


To blog or not to blog- that has been the question. Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer retracing our steps of 1.5 years ago? Or to take arms against the full hard-drives, and by posting end… Read More

I Trip Alone // Adam Solo in Peru


With our van stored safely at a friends place in hibernation mode for 3 months in Bariloche, Argentina, Emily and the girls flew to Texas for her cousin Kyle’s wedding.  I flew to Peru to host another 24… Read More

Prisoners of Patagonia // Chile & Argentina


Having the option and opportunity to take our time, we enjoyed Torres del Paine National Park of Chile in 10 day segments, returning to Puerto Natales for fuel and groceries, then skipping joyfully back into the rough arms… Read More

The Crown Jewel // Chile


Patagonia is a place, a space, an idea, a dream, more than you thought, bigger than you imagined, fiercer than the sun, revealing slow moments softer than moon shadows. Patagonia is shared by two countries- a riotous swath of desert,… Read More

After the End // Argentina & Chile


So what did we do when we reached the southern end of the Pan-American Highway after 849 days, 30,699 miles, 23 border crossings, 14 countries, 4 motors and 1 new child?  Pop a bottle of champagne, then turn around…. Read More

The End of the World As We Know It // Argentina & Chile


After motoring on and exploring the rainforest wonderland of the Carretera Austral in Chile, nothing could have felt more alien than entering the steppes of Argentina through the remote border of Paso Roballos.  We had hiked and camped… Read More

Motoring the Carretera Austral // Chilean Patagonia


The Carratera Austral may well be one of the most scenic highways on planet earth.  It is also a road with a tumultuous past. Construction began in 1976 under the dictator Augusto Pinochet to show his power and… Read More

No Van, New Plan // Chile


Vanlife has us spoiled: when we want to go, we go, when we see something nice, we stop and see it, if we meet someone who tells us some new bit of information, we are free to follow… Read More

Into Patagonia // Argentina & Chile


We disembarked the Buquebus ferryboat from Montevideo, Uruguay into the heart of Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Pizzerias, bakeries and gelaterias on every block, the confident city step of local portenos,  museums in art deco buildings filled with European inspired… Read More

A Slice of Nice // Uruguay


Uruguay, to the south of Brazil and northeast of Argentina, is a small country with some big powerful neighbors.  Like Switzerland in Europe, they have chosen strategically how to remain independent and have some of the freest political… Read More

Return to South Brazil


Departing California was bittersweet.  Our time at home was filled with so much joy and love, so many moments great and small it seemed that 10 weeks had passed too quickly, but also, it was just right.   We… Read More

Visiting the Tribe // Los Angeles, Calif.


In the middle of August we moved out of the little beach house, packed up all our gear, parked our van at a friends place in Florianopolis, Brazil and headed to the airport for the long journey back… Read More

Terra Incognita Online Art Exhibition


October 10, 2014 was the opening of Adam’s art show “Terra Incognita” at Slow Culture Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.  Inspired by the past 2 years on the road with our family exploring Mexico, Central and South America,… Read More

The Nest // Brazil


Perhaps you could think of our family as migratory birds.  For a season we have landed in the country of Brazil, in the state of Santa Catarina, on the island of Florianopolis, in the neighborhood of Campeche, right… Read More

Our American Dream // Argentina into Brazil


When we departed in October 2012, we felt part of our journey was a personal reexamination of “the American Dream.” A little white picket fence appeared in the grass along the Atlantic Ocean, it called to us in… Read More

Nomadism: a way of life // Chile into Argentina


Departing the mechanic in Temuco, Chile the engine was purring like it should, given the time, energy and money we have poured into it. Not far up the road we stopped at the Saltos de Petrohue.  Having just… Read More

Tres motores broke down blues // Chile


In the last chapter of our tale of engine troubles, we pulled our Subaru 2.2 engine out of our VW Westfalia.  In most other countries, besides Chile, Subaru’s are rare to non-existent.  Behind the USA, Chile has the… Read More

In the Spirit of Adventure // Peru into Chile


. Cusco and the Sacred Valley had us in her mystical clutch for nearly 6 weeks. In that time we held a 24 Hour Bazaar, shipped it all out, spent days diagnosing and sorting a mysterious electrical issue… Read More

Back on the Open Road // Peru


Oh, hi there!  We know it’s been quite some time… No, we didn’t forget about you.  Yes- we promise we really didn’t forget about you!  There has been just quite so much to do- but we are back,… Read More

You Es Aye // California & Hawaii > click photo below for full story <


When we left last October we planned on being gone for about a year, its just so good out there that we have decided we are not moving back stateside any time soon.  So after 10 months +… Read More

Back To The Big Blue Ocean // Chile & Peru (again) > click the photo below for full story <


Entering Chile from Peru felt a bit like returning to the States after being in Mexico…  The wealth immediate and easy to see.  The roads are pebbled with courteous drivers and with empty seats in the cars!  You… Read More

Cusco Campvibes & Magic Floating Islands // Peru > click the photo below for full story <


It is not safe to drive thru the Middle East. (This is also what we were warned about Mexico.)  You will be killed.  Meet a few new friends (and their amazing array of adventure mobiles) who have done it… Read More

An Unexpected Pilgrimage // Peru > click the photo below for full story <


The colors of Peru have been bold and bright.  Each day a burst of culture & a splash of beauty; there is a joy that radiates from the people that cannot be fabricated. High in the altiplano near… Read More

More than Words // MachuPicchu & Amazonia // Peru > click the photo below for full story <


Sometimes things just flow so easy… We met Emily’s parents with a welcome sign at the Cusco airport, Colette hopping the gate to run into their open arms.  The rent-a-car guy was there with the combi-van WB had… Read More

Exploring the Ancient Past // Peru > click the photo below for full story <


Buried beneath the sand for millinea, the vast Huacas de la Luna y de la Sol, remained a hidden treasure until excavation began in 1990.  An earlier generation of the Chimu- who built Chan Chan (discussed in our… Read More

6 months, 10 countries, One Love // Coastal Galavanting in Peru


Life on our open road, after 6 months, is just that- life. Our daily adventures have not grown tiresome to us, like a chore we must do, in fact with each passing day these discovered moments become a… Read More

Pacific Vibrations // Ecuador


From mighty Laguna Quilotoa, we headed back to the coast, aiming to start at Manta and surf our way south.   Along the ambling highland roads, patchwork fields were seemingly endless, and around one of the many turns, was… Read More

Lows & Highs // Ecuador


From Mindo, we snaked our way into the lush lowlands of costal Ecuador.  Adam drew a surf map from online research; we pulled into the first stop on the map in a small village, peeped the waves, deemed… Read More

Central Highlands // Ecuador


Change is the biggest constant in our lives right now and the tented market city in Otavalo’s Plaza de los Panchos constantly changes- rain flaps up and down, vendors here one day and gone the next, new wares… Read More

Slowing Down // Colombia into Ecuador


Through the whispy grey clouds, a streak of sunshine broke through, revealing a burst of neon green, as we wound our way through the verdant peaks.  The Andes are a no joke mountain range, and we are just… Read More

Into the Andes…


No longer alarmed by men with machine guns, local military patrolled Boca de la Caimanera, where the Caribbean waters lacked the vibrant hues we hoped for, but were nonetheless quite nice.  The FARC, Para-military and Colombian Military all… Read More

Standing Still


Up, up and away, we departed North America, bound for a new continent!  Into the whipped cream clouds above Cartagena de Indias, Colombia we descended in the airplane.  Stepping out into South America, we took an exhilarated breath… Read More

A country divided


Another border crossing brought us up from the steamy jungle and into the mountain fresh air of Boquete, Panama.  We camped beside the river at a clearing just large enough to parallel park the van.  Colette threw rocks… Read More

Pura Vida X Familia


Adam had adventured to Costa Rica ten years ago and contracted Dengue Fever from an evil mosquito on the last leg of his trip.  At the LA County Hospital they had no idea what to do with him,… Read More

Bridging borders


Crossing the border into Guatemala required more effort than simply driving into Baja.  This being Central America, things work at a different pace.  We have come to expect and accept that, arriving early in the day to allow… Read More

Mezcal, markets & Maya- oh my!


An hour and a half east of Oaxaca City, we followed a 13 km twisting goat trail of a road that led us to Hierve El Agua, a small mountain village that is nestled proudly protecting this natural… Read More

A feast of delights


We drove from the Sierra Chincua reserve with our eyes on Oaxaca City. One year may seem like a lot of time- but with 20+ countries to visit, we have to keep a brisker pace them our lolly-gagging… Read More

The Glittering Multitudes


Adam had spent the last day in San Pancho monkeying around in the engine and internet-researching the litany of possible problems for the no-hot-start issue…  It was time to see a mechanic.  With many-a-locals recommendation we found the… Read More

Mainland Mexico // a rough start


“Bye-bye Baja!”  Colette shouted from the top deck as we sailed from port.  Thanksgiving morning we arrived safely in Mazatlan after what was a 23 hour excursion crossing the Sea of Cortes by cargo ship.  We took TMC,… Read More



The first chapter in our family adventure south. This vignette shows our first month on the road exploring the beautiful peninsula of Baja, Mexico. From crossing the border to getting on a cargo ship to mainland Mexico. Thank… Read More

Land’s End

Screen shot 2012-11-20 at 11.17.46 PM

In Baja, we have seen the extremes. Sometimes the river is more powerful than the bridge… we have been told there has been more rain this year than the past 5, 15 and 30 years (depending on who… Read More

Waves for days!


Our last post was made as we were broke down in Guererro Negro with suspitions of our brand new alternator going kaput; that was indeed the case.  A little person with very curious fingers turned on the air… Read More

Further down the road


Well let’s start this one off with, we are broke down.  We expected to have troubles at some point but didn’t think it would be so soon…  We couldn’t have had it happen in a better place, right… Read More

Wheels to pavement


Alas, the journey of our lives begins! With SO many pre-departure projects to finish (more on those soon) leaving just 1 week after our planned departure date feels like quite an accomplishment. An early rise in L.A. and… Read More

Guest chef night at Pizzanista!


Saturday night was our guest chef night at Pizzanista!  We had a great night, with family, friends both new and old and some really great PIZZA. Emily will be working on a cookbook while we are on the… Read More

Kickstarter funded and beyond!


Emily, Colette and I  are happy to report that our Kickstarter campaign was fully funded and then some!  We are are overwhelmed with the amount of support received as we prepare to embark on our journey.  A big… Read More

The Northern Post


Our good bud Dustin Beaty guides The Northern Post. He’s a photographer, founding editor-in-chief of Anthem Magazine and principal owner of the social media, PR and marketing agency, You Are Here. Born outside and incubated at secret spots,… Read More

Pizzanista! Guest chef night!


You’re invited to Pizzanista in downtown Los Angeles on October 6th for our bon voyage pizza throw down!!  Raffle prizes from GoWesty, Comune, Foam E-Z, Poler, Shreddy Cruiser & artwork by Adam Harteau!! Emily has designed two pizza… Read More

Go Westy!


We just got our van back from the good people at GoWesty!   We are seriously pinching ourselves right now!!  Gowesty is a specialty retailer of most everything you could need for a Volkswagon van, you can purchase parts… Read More